Database Control Pro Documentation
Version 1.0.0 onwards

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Publishing a Database

The Database Control Pro Setup Window can be used to publish Databases. Open the window at:
Top Menu Bar, Window, Database Control Pro, Setup Window

If you have Setup your Project you will see a list of your existing databases (if there are any).
By this point you have probably added Command Sequences to your database and you are want to publish the database as an extra security measure before you release your game. Publishing a database means you cannot view/edit your database or add, remove or edit Command Sequences. It means you cannot do anything with the database in the Unity Editor apart from Unpublish it to reverse the publishing proccess. We recommend all databases are published when the game is released.

In the Setup window, go onto the 'Publish' tab to manage published/unpublished databases. At the top you will see a list of your databases which are unpublished (not published) click the 'Publish' button next to one to select it.

To publish the database you will need to provide a password (which you make up, it can be anything).
Note: The stronger the password the better, but make sure you REMEMBER the password, as you will need it if you ever want to unpublish the database and it is not stored by Database Control Pro.
Enter your chosen password into the field which has appeared next to your database's name. Click 'Publish' to publish the database. If it was successful a Message will be displayed.

If you want to update your game or view/edit the database or Command Seuquences then you will want to unpublish your database.