Database Control Pro Documentation
Version 1.0.0 onwards


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Getting Started

Database Control Pro is the perfect solution for creating a online server backend for your game. It allows you to implement systems such as, simple online loading and saving, complex accounts, in-game news, loading assets at runtime, storing player statistics, basic analytics, online chat, ... and so much more!

Hopefully this documentation should give a clear explanation of how to use every part of Database Control Pro. If you find anything wrong or areas you think could be improved, please let us know! The FAQ Page is also worth reading. It contains answers to questions we have been asked by other users and a few of our own.

We have written the documentation so users should be able to read from the first page to the last page in order, without any missing explanations. Click the link bellow to get started.
Setting Up Database Control Pro

Note: There is a UI Animation System included with Database Control Pro. It is used in the demo scenes but is not needed for Database Control Pro to work. The UI System is not documented but we have made a tutorial video explaining how to use it. All other features are documented.

Tutorial Videos

1. Quick Setup
A tutorial showing how to setup Database Control Pro in a project and how to setup the demo scenes.

2. Basic Introduction
A tutorial following on from the Quick Setup Video showing the basics of the Database Control Pro editor windows.

3. UI System
A tutorial showing the basics of how to use the UI Animation System which is included with Database Control Pro.