Database Control Pro Documentation
Version 1.0.0 onwards


A Command Sequence is a list of Commands. A Command can be a proccess, statement, operation or condition (think of them like methods on our server). Commands in the Command Sequence are run from first to last which looks like top to bottom when opened in the Sequencer Window. Every Command has properties (think of them like parameters for the method) which change the result or functionality of the Command.

The If Command and the For Command can contain lists of Commands. When an If Command's condition is satisfied, the contained Commands are run. When a For Command is iterating, the contained Commands are run (multiple times, once for each iteration) as you would expect with a normal For loop.

The properties of a Command can be set by filling in the fields of the Property panel of the Sequencer Window with a Command selected from a Command Sequence.
Commands can be added to the end of a sequence by left clicking on the Command in the list of Commands on the left of the Sequencer window, or they can be dragged and dropped into the correct position by using right click.
Commands in a sequence can also be moved by right click drag and drop. They can be selected by a left click.

These are the Commands Currently Available in Database Control Pro:
Get Data
Set Data
Create Var
Set Var Value
Set Var Value Extra
Clear Cell
Clear Row
Clear Col
Del Row
Del Col
Ins Row
Ins Col
Float Ops
Int Ops
String Ops
Time Diff