Database Control Pro Documentation
Version 1.0.0 onwards

Int Ops Command

The IntOps Command provides some very simple operations to use to get intergers. If you want to perform simple interger calculations use the FloatOps Command.

The Command name can be anything you like, it makes no difference when the sequence is run and is purely for organisation purposes.

The 'Command Type:' line reminds you of the Command Type as you might choose not to put it in the Command's name.

The remaining properties are specific to this Command Type.


Operations - There are currently three different operations available. 'Round' rounds the provided float to an interger, 'Floor' rounds the provided float down to the highest interger less than or equal to it and 'Length Of String' gets an interger from finding the length of the provided string.

If 'Round' or 'Floor' selected:

Number to 'Round'/'Floor' - The float to be rounded or floored to give an interger. It can be a set float or a variable value parsed to a float.

If 'Length Of String' selected:

String to get length of: - The string to get the interger length of. It can be a set string of a variable's value.