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Frequently Asked Questions

How many databases can I have?
You can have an unlimited number of databases, but please don't create lots of databases and not use them. Obviously, there are actually some limits as we only have a certain amount of storage.

What can I do with Command Sequences?
Command Sequences can be used to read and write data to/from your databases. They provide some basic operations as well as a few more complex operations. Take a look at the demo scenes to see some example applications.

What features will you add in future updates?
If we have any features which we plan to add, we will provide details on the Database Control Pro Unity Forum page. We can't guarantee all of the features we mention will actually be implemented, but some will be. If you have any feature requests, please let us know!

Do you support any other Asset Store Packages?
Not at the moment. But, if you are good at coding you might be able to get some working. For example, Inventory Pro can save all inventory data to an xml string, you could save and load this as a data string on a user account quite easily.

Can I host my databases on a different server?
No. The databases can only be hosted on our servers and that will be the only option because it gives us a lot more control over the server-side code. This allows a lot more flexability with what we call Command Sequences which are setup in the Unity Editor and run server-side. It also makes it easier for beginners as they don't need to worry about their own hosting.

Is it really a one off payment?
Yes. If you buy it now you can keep using the current service without having to pay anything more.

Do you offer refunds?
If you have a valid reason for a refund and it is within 14 days since purchase, we can arrange a refund with the Asset Store Team. By a valid reason we don't mean 'I bought the wrong Asset by mistake' or 'I thought it did something else'. We expect all users to have carefully read the Asset Store Page and Unity Forum page before purchasing the Asset. If you want to get a refund please contact us by emailing:

If databases start to take up lots of storage space, how will you deal with the costs?
At the moment, the system we are using is very cheap for storage and hosting costs. The sales of Database Control Pro will easily cover these costs. In the future we might upgrade to a faster system. This will cost us more to maintain so we might have to change our pricing system.

I am developing a game which may have millions of user accounts. Will Database Control Pro cope with this?
Database Control Pro can cope with a couple of hundred thousand accounts. When you start getting over a million accounts, there may be some problems such as timeouts on Command Sequences and Errors being returned. Database Control Pro was origionally meant for smaller games, but in time we might be able to support larger scale games. For larger scale games we suggest you spend some time and create your own server backend for your game and host it yourself, but you can still use Database Control Pro for prototyping.

Can I get data from the database outside Unity? For example, on my website?
No. At the moment you can only use Database Control Pro through Unity. However, you could always use Unity's WebGL build option to display the data from DCP on your website, but this would have quite a long start up time.

How reliable is Database Control Pro when faced with DDOS attacks?
DDOS attacks (if big enough) can cause problems with any system. We will be honest, at the moment Database Control Pro has very little resistance to these attacks. The servers will not crash, but limits might be reached causing errors to be returned. We may work more on this in the future if Database Control Pro gets more heavy usage.

What happens if something goes wrong and my app's data is lost?
We don't accept any responsibility if anything goes wrong. However, do contact us as we aim to make regular backups of all data (at least once a month) Do you support or have IAP?

We don’t have our own IAP system and probably never will as there are already some good ones available. We are considering adding support for existing IAP systems in the future, but this will take time as we have other features we want to add first and little experience with IAP systems. As an alternative we might provide urls which run Command Sequences. If it is possible, the IAP system (when a payment has been made) could send a request to the url to run the Command Sequence which would add money or items to the players account for example. But, none of this can be done at the moment, it is just inside our heads :).

Can your servers send information to the game, without the game sending a request to run a Command Sequence?
Database Control Pro servers cannot send requests back to the client. The best way to achieve this is to run a Command Sequence every 10 seconds just like we use in our Chat demo scene. It would be difficult to implement this feature properly as it would require some kind of websocket based system which would be much more demanding on the server, also the implementation within Unity might have to be different for different platforms.

Can I transfer account data from Database Control (Free) to Databas Control Pro?
No. This is not currently possible. Although, they use a similar system, they are completley different assets with different setups so it would not be easy for us to implement this through code. If you only have a few accounts in your Database Control (Free) database, contact us as we might be able to do it manually.

Where can I find the documentation for Database Control (Free)?
When you import Database Control (Free) into your project there is a pdf documentation included. You can find in in the Assets, DatabaseControl folder.

Why can I see a question I asked you here?
Because it was a good question, just like this one.

Any other questions? Contact us at or through the Unity Forums.